cost-efficient lab allrounder 

 1Ch PGstat-A single channel Potentio/Galvanostat


You're an experienced user and you are looking for a multi-purpose electrochmical instrument for the lab or you're just getting started in electrochemistry? The Sciospec PGstat-A is your solution.

It's a compact and cost-efficient system that allows for potentiostatic and galvanostatic control and measurements, supports a broad range of operation modes such as CV, SWV and OCP and, of course, comes with a high-resoluting impedance spectroscopy.


key facts (Überprüfen und ggf. zubuchbare Optionen kennzeichnen)

  • 1 channel PGstat with high-resolution impedance spectroscopy
    • 1x PGstat channel consisting of counter, reference and work ports with software configurable choice of 4, 3 and 2 point configuration
    • additional measurement of cell-potential
  • MCX coaxial connectors
  • modes of operation: DC (constant), cyclic voltammetry, pulse polarography, square wave voltammetry, open circuit potential, impedance spectroscopy
  • high isolation, ultra-low parasitic reed relay switches for cell connect/disconnect with superior performance compared to semiconductor switches
    • >10 TΩ || 0.4 pF isolation at power off or software selected cell disconnect
    • extremely low parasitic capacitance < 0.7 pF offers close to no cell loading
    • max. series resistance 200 mΩ in connected state
    • zero leakage current in on state
    • zero charge injection, no distortion, no noise contributions beyond thermal noise
  • interfaces:
    • isolated USB 2.0 (high speed, 480 Mbits/s) with ESD protection (±12kV IEC 61000-4-2 contact ESD, clamp voltage 13V (min), break-down voltage 5.5V (min))
  • power supply 12VDC nominal
  • PC-based control & data analysis (Sciospec software suit included)
  • Sciospec Com-Interface for full instrument control from Java, C, LabView, Matlab etc.

The 1 channel PGstat-A is the entry to the powerful world of Sciospec's Potentiostat/Galvantostat solutions. As all our technology the PGstat-A is extremely scalable. So if you need more than one channel, we are prepared. Configure your Sciospec PGstat-A with up to 256 channels or check out our mPGstat series.

powerful options

  • frontpanel connectors: BNC, SMA, MCX, DSUB, custom
  • internal multiplexer options for sequential multichannel capabilities
  • IOport digital interface connector for external sensors and other hardware
  • wireless interfaces
  • medical grade power supply
  • temperature controller module
  • precision multichannel temperature monitoring module for most common temperature sensor types
  • customized current and voltage ranges
  • 2nd channel option
  • and many more
Sciospec ISX-3 impedance analyzer


For flexible extension of its application possibilities application specific frontends and adapters can be connected through the ExtensionPort system. Interface and specifications for the ExtensionPort are fully user accessible dramatically simplifying customer`s developments for and with the ISX-3. The connector carries measurement signals for 2,3 and 4-electrode configuration, supply rails and digital IOs, which can optionally be configured as serial interfaces (I2C, UART).

configure your ISX-3 and get a quote

1Ch PGstat-A

compact, single channel potentiostat/galvanostat

  • Additional Functionality

    external sync ports

    custom frontpanel connectors (default is BNC)

    Integrated Multiplexers