Gene-sensor on the basis of bioimpedance measurements assisted with nanotechnology: an instrumentation proposal

In this study, we propose basic instrumentation for a new gene-sensor based on Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) product and its multifrequency bioimpedance relative measurements assisted with nanotechnology. The instrumentation proposal is split into four basic blocks: A) Control. – The fundament is a microcontroller (µC) for wide bandwidth current excitation, as well as data acquisition and registration. B) Digital Synthesizer. – A wide bandwidth digital synthesizer will provide a sinusoidal excitation current. C) Bioimpedance measurement.- this section will detect relative multifrequency bioimpedance by comparison of a reference signal with the signal of the Analyte Under Test (AUT). Comparison is on the basis of magnitude ratio and phase shift. D) Electrical-Ionic Interphase. – This is based on gold electrodes in contact with the AUT for current injection and relative bioimpedance measurements. Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) fragments as PCR products will be functionalized by magnetic nanoparticles-DNA biding and its magnetic DNA insulation. The specific electronic components for every section are out of the range of this study, and the general instrumentation structure proposed is intended to show tentative low cost technology for gene detection and obtain academic discussion and feedback.

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